Sell Engagement Rings in Japan

Sell engagement rings in Japan quickly and discreetly to the diamond experts. At WP Diamonds, we understand that selling an engagement ring can be an emotionally difficult decision. We pride ourselves on offering a seamless and professional selling service: we buy your engagement rings directly and in as little as 24 hours. Contact us today for a price quote or with any questions you may have about selling engagement rings. Looking for an upgrade? We also offer the option of trading in your jewelry for store credit, with an extra 10% more on your offer.

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How to sell engagement rings in Japan

Sell engagement rings in as little as 24 hours with our 5 step process

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Sell engagement rings in Tokyo

Schedule an appointment to meet with our GIA trained gemologists at our centrally located Tokyo office. Appointments are available Monday through Friday and typically last 30 minutes. Here, our diamond experts will evaluate and price your diamond ring based on the current second-hand market. The final price we offer is the amount we will pay you, no fees or commissions are deducted.

Sell engagement rings online

Selling your engagement ring is fast and simple when working with a trusted diamond buyer in Japan. While we offer appointments in major cities such as Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York, many of customers choose to sell online for the speed and convenience.

So how does selling an engagement ring online work? We provide you with a price quote prior to sending your ring in, based on the information you submitted. Shipping is then free and fully insured and there is never any obligation to sell. As an established and reputable leading diamond buyer, we  work with hundreds of customers on a daily basis from around the world.

What is my engagement ring worth?

The value of your engagement ring will be based on the following factors:

  1. The 4 C’s: The basis of all diamond valuations are what is known in the industry as the 4 C’s. These are carat weight, color grade, clarity grade and cut grade. While these are not the only factors that impact the quality and therefore value of a diamond, these are some of the most important.
  2. Certification: Does your diamond ring have a certificate? This will not only detail the characteristics of your stone but will also in some cases add value. A GIA certificate, for example. will increase the value of your engagement ring.
  3. Condition: Are there any chips or dents on the ring? If so the price will be impacted.
  4. The Diamond Buyer: Different diamond buyers will offer different prices. As leading international diamond buyers, WP Diamonds is able to offer strong prices thanks to our global connections.
  5. Market Conditions: Demand for different diamond sizes, shapes and engagement ring styles change over the years.

The best way to get a price for your engagement ring is to consult the experts at WP Diamonds.

Where to sell an engagement ring in Japan?

The most important part of selling an engagement ring in Japan is to find a trustworthy and reputable diamond buyer. Below we compare the top diamond buyers in Japan:

Pros Cons
WP Diamonds Trusted, specialist diamond buyers in Japan. Sell your engagement ring online or in person in as little as 24 hours, with no fees or commissions deducted from your final price. Strong prices and secure, high-end selling experience. Appointments are only available in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and the UK.
Auctions Can be a good fit for extremely rare diamonds. Long selling process, fees deducted and not a good fit for most engagement rings. No guarantee of a sale.
Consignment Local option No guarantee that the ring will sell as it is exposed to a limited market. Be sure to be clear on the jeweler’s fee before committing.
Private Buyer Can achieve high prices Finding someone looking for your exact ring at the price you are looking to sell for can be a needle in a haystack.


Finding the best diamond buyer in Japan for your engagement ring can feel daunting. We recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Research: Review the diamond buyers online reviews.
  2. Price Quote: Be sure to receive an initial price quote before committing to an in person appointment or to sending your engagement ring in.
  3. Communication: Are they available on the phone? Do they respond quickly to emails? Are their emails professional? Review all aspects of their communication to be sure that you are working with a reputable and professional diamond buyer.
  4. Office: Does the diamond buyer have a physical location in Japan?
  5. Cost: Selling your engagement ring in Japan should be free of charge.

Engagement Rings We Buy

We specialize in buying a wide range of engagement rings, including:

  • Diamond engagement rings with at least one diamond of 0.25ct or larger.
  • Designer engagement rings from luxury brands such as Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston and more.
  • GIA certified fancy colored diamond engagement rings.

We do not buy:

  • Lab grown diamond rings
  • Brown diamond or black diamond rings

Why sell engagement rings online

Selling engagement rings online is a popular and convenient option if you are not located close to one of our offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York or London. This enables you to sell your ring quickly and securely to diamond experts.

Selling the engagement ring can be a positive step for a variety of reasons. It allows you to:

  1. Emotionally move on from a previous relationship
  2. Monetize an item that you are no longer using
  3. Upgrade or update your jewelry collection
  4. Recycle diamonds and jewelry back into circulation which minimizes the demand for new mining and jewelry production that harms the planet

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Launched in 2012 as the modern and professional alternative for selling high-end jewelry and watches, we have since grown to have offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, NYC and the UK. Our unique process allows you to sell an engagement ring in Japan in as little as 24 hours. There are no hidden costs or fees, online listings or auctions to wait for. We buy your engagement ring directly and pride ourselves on speed, strong prices and unparalleled customer service. Our goal is to provide a professional, reputable and transparent selling process that you can trust.

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Our diamond buyers work with hundreds of customers on a daily basis from around the world.

How to upgrade your engagement ring

Looking to upgrade your engagement ring? Perhaps you would like a different stone or style? WP Diamonds offers an upgrade service whereby we buy your old engagement ring or center stone for cash or store credit for an additional 10%. Browse our wide range of loose diamonds or engagement rings at Gemma by WP Diamonds.