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How to complete the form when selling diamonds

Explanation Example
Shape Select the shape that best matches that of your diamond. Popular shapes include: round, princess, cushion, oval, baguette, pear, emerald, heart, and radiant.
Color grade The amount of color the diamond displays. In white diamonds this ranges from D (colorless) – Z (light yellow).
Clarity grade The presence or absence of internal or external imperfections in the stone. These are often not eye visible. Ranges from FL (flawless) – I3 (included).
Carat Weight The weight of the diamond measured in carats. Frequently abbreviated to ct.

Where To Find This Information

If you have paperwork: such as a diamond appraisal or diamond certificate from a reputable lab, this information will be listed here.

If you do not have any paperwork: A local jeweler should be able to give you a rough idea of the 4 C’s of the stone.