Looking to sell second-hand diamonds in Japan? Cut out the middle man and sell directly to WP Diamonds’ GIA qualified diamond valuation team. We specialize in buying second-hand diamonds, diamond jewelry and loose diamonds. Sell second-hand diamonds quickly, easily in Tokyo or online for the best possible prices.

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What Is My Diamond Jewelry Worth?

Simply put, not what you purchased it for: when selling diamond jewelry, you can typically expect to receive between 20% – 50% (sometimes more with GIA certified diamonds) of the original retail price. To get a price quote for your specific diamond and find out what diamond jewelry is worth, click the button below.

Why is a diamond’s second-hand value lower than retail?

At retail, the average diamond is often priced at more than double the wholesale price. This is because retailers have big overheads: rent, staff, marketing costs, credit card fees etc.


With offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and the UK, WP Diamonds is a leading international buyer of diamonds, diamond jewelry, designer jewelry and luxury watches. From loose diamonds to engagement rings, we buy diamonds of 0.25ct in Japan and larger. Established in 2012, we believe that selling diamonds should be a fast, enjoyable and safe process. Transparent pricing, speed of service and customer care is at the heart of our business. There is no cost for our service, no commissions deducted or obligation to sell. We simply provide you with our best price and the option to sell in as little as 24 hours.

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Best Prices for second-hand diamonds

Our diamond experts in Japan know how to get you the best price for your second-hand diamonds and diamond jewelry. We analyze the second-hand diamond market, price trends and demand for your particular stone. Our international industry connections and specialist diamond pricing knowledge allow us to make strong offers.


What We Buy

Looking to sell second-hand diamonds in Japan? Or upgrade your diamond jewelry to something different? We buy a wide range of second-hand diamonds, including:

  • Engagement rings
  • Loose diamonds
  • GIA certified colored diamonds
  • Diamond jewelry of 0.25ct or bigger
  • Designer jewelry such as Tiffany and Cartier
  • Luxury watches such as Rolex and Patek Philippe

We do not buy:

  • Black diamonds
  • Brown diamonds (sometimes known as chocolate diamonds)
  • Lab grown diamonds
  • Diamond below 0.25ct

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