Sell Fancy Colored Diamonds in Japan

Sell fancy colored diamonds to the leading, international diamond buyers. Sell red diamonds, pink diamonds, blue diamonds and much more at our office in Tokyo or online with our free and fully insured service. We specialize in buying natural, GIA certified fancy colored diamonds directly, no auctions or middle man involved. This means that there are no fees or commissions deducted from your final price. Sell fancy colored diamonds in as little as 24 hours with our professional and streamlined service.

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How to sell fancy colored diamonds in Japan

Follow our simple 5 steps to sell your fancy colored diamonds in Japan. Include a copy of your GIA certificate in your inquiry to receive the most accurate price quote.

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Fancy colored diamonds we buy

Fancy colored diamonds can be extremely rare and command very high prices. The market for fancy colored diamonds is therefore highly specialized. We buy both loose fancy colored diamonds as well as fancy colored diamonds set in jewelry.

We buy natural, GIA certified:

  • Fancy pinks diamonds
  • Fancy blue diamonds
  • Fancy green diamonds
  • Fancy orange diamods
  • Fancy violet diamonds
  • Fancy red diamonds
  • Fancy yellow diamonds

We do not buy:

  • Non GIA certified fancy colored diamonds
  • Black diamonds
  • Brown or chocolate diamonds
  • Color enhanced diamonds

What are Fancy Colored Diamonds worth?

Fancy colored diamonds can command high resale values. To get the best price for these rare stones it is important to work with specialist fancy colored diamonds buyers with the required capital and knowledge to make competitive offers.

The colored diamond market is markedly different to the colorless diamond market. It requires a high level of diamond color expertise as well as global industry connections. Fill out our online form to receive your price quote today.

Sell Pink Diamonds

Looking to sell a pink diamond? It is important to understand that colored diamond prices typically increase as saturation of color increases, with vivid being the rarest and therefore most most valuable.

One of the rarest colored diamonds, pink diamonds are created through a combination of heat and pressure which distorts the crystal lattice. Pink diamonds can be modified by brown (lowering the value), orange or purple.

Sell Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are extremely rare. So much so that less than 0.1% of all fancy colored diamonds mined are blue. Which is very good news for those looking to sell blue diamonds.

So what makes a blue diamond blue? Boron particles trapped in the crystal lattice during diamond formation is what creates their distinct color. Blue diamonds can have violet, gray or even green modifiers.

Sell Green diamonds

Fancy green diamonds are extremely rare and valuable. To get the best price when selling a green diamond, it pays to sell to the experts. Our team of GIA trained gemologists have the experience and specialist knowledge required to accurately price your fancy colored diamonds.

The green hue is caused by natural radiation. Green diamonds can be modified by blue, yellow or brown (which is worth significantly less).

Sell Red Diamonds

The rarest and most sought after of diamond colors, it is believed that red diamonds gain their color from defects in the stone’s crystal lattice. Often modified by a purplish color, red diamonds are unique in fancy colored diamonds as they do not have a saturation level. Sell red diamonds in Japan for the best prices with the experts at WP Diamonds.

Sell Yellow Diamonds

Sell natural GIA certified diamonds to the experts in Tokyo. Also known as canary diamonds, yellow diamonds are one the most popular of fancy colored diamonds on the market. It is the presence of nitrogen is responsible for their yellow color. They can have green, brown or orange modifiers.

Sell Orange Diamonds

Even rarer than pink, blue or green diamonds are orange diamonds completely void of any brown color. Often modified with yellow, pink or brown, orange diamonds gain their color from the presence of nitrogen. Find out how much your orange diamond is worth today.